Langnau Intercultural Association

  • Langnau Intercultural Association

    We accompany immigrants on their path to integration at a local level.
  • Café International

    The Café International offers a lively and practical integration opportunity, intended for everyone who would like to play, chat and sit together and is open to other cultures.
  • Women's meeting place

    Committed women from Langnau and the surrounding area wanted a place where they could meet equally committed women of foreign origin.
  • Men's meeting place

    When the weather is nice, we go on excursions, swimming or hiking. When the weather is bad, we stay indoors, play, sing, and discuss topics that are important to us.
  • German Course

    Explore and learn the German language together.
  • Writing Service

    Do you want help understanding letters and other documents? That's what this service is for.
  • Clothing Place

    In the clothes room you can get used clothing of the best quality, free of charge.
  • Food Corner

    Our association also campaigns against food waste by setting up and managing the FoodCorner at Alleestrasse 8.