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The Café

The Café International was established in 2016. Every week it offers migrants the opportunity for initial, uncomplicated, low-threshold contacts. The migrants receive information about our activities and services, and can obtain information of all kinds, see the flyer (German only) from the association.

A visit to the café offers a lively integration opportunity for young and old, for everyone who likes to sit together, who would like to break down inhibitions while playing and chatting, and who are open to other cultures. Uncomplicated meetings, you come and go when you feel like it.

When the weather is nice, we can use the terrace, and the nearby "Äntelipark" offers a nice variety: table tennis, boules, in the sandpit and on playing equipment.

We look forward to visitors from here and from over there.

Additional helpers are always welcome.

Opening times

The Café International is open every Monday from 2pm to 5pm, including during school holidays and public holidays.

Parish center, Oberfeldstrasse 8, 3550 Langnau i.E.
(opposite Dahlia Oberfeld retirement home).

If you have any questions, please contact Ursula or Peter Kläntschi (Phone/Signal 079 440 29 90 / 079 456 45 73)



In 2015, the ecumenical meeting group expressed the desire to offer more for refugees than just organizing a refugee day once a year. Thanks to a small, committed group of interested people, the "Café International" was set up in February 2016, a place where people from different cultures can meet spontaneously and easily once a week.

From the beginning there was a constructive cooperation with the Intercultural Women's Meeting, because we didn't rely on competition but on synergies. On June 30, 2016, the association "Langnau Interkulturell" was formed with initially 4 main pillars: Café International, Intercultural women's and men's meeting place, as well as the German conversation classes.

The initial encounter group subsequently finished in 2017 and its tasks were taken over by the Langnau Intercultural Association.

Since June 2016, people from different cultures have been meeting at Café International every Monday. There is a lot of laughter and play, but we often hear about sad fates and troubles with the authorities. For our part, we continue to educate ourselves in conferences, especially the KKF (Church Contact Point for Refugee Questions), in order to stay up to date, to enrich our knowledge in dealing with visitors and in handling problems.


Here you will find a small gallery showing some of our activities