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Our Principles

What principles do we follow?

  • The UNO Human Rights Declaration is our basis.
  • In the intercultural women's meetings, all women meet with respect, regardless of their origin, their educational background or their religion and whatever load of worries they may have to carry.
  • Through our work, many women become more self-confident, develop initiative and learn to have a say and take on leadership (empowerment).

Common Values

What do we value in the women’s club?

  • Women from different cultures can meet spontaneously and easily once a week. This met a need right from the start and is still valid today.
  • Due to the cozy and stimulating atmosphere, a wide variety of women and children feel at home with us.
  • The women do not have to register, they can simply come anytime during opening hours.
  • Concerns from women are taken up and implemented in projects or through consultation.
  • Various activities are regularly offered in the program design. Additionally, a topic such as health, waste disposal, children, the school system, etc. is dealt with more intensively during a six month period.
  • Whenever necessary, we arrange professional advice.

Meeting Details

We meet every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the parish hall (except during the school holidays).

Would you like information about the women's meeting?

Send an SMS/Whatsapp to 079 747 33 32, Regula Cermak and you will be informed about our activities each Wednesday.



Committed women from Langnau and the surrounding area have long wanted a place where they could meet together with women from other parts of the world.

In 2011, interested parties from the parishes developed a concept for an intercultural women's meeting place "Women meet women" under the direction of Regula Cermak.

We got advice from an event called “Promotion of integration projects in the Canton of Berne”; we visited various women's clubs to see how they are organised, how they are financed and where there are problems. In August 2011 we submitted our concept, including a budget, to the Canton's social welfare office, integration department.
On December 5, 2011, we founded the association "Women meet women" with 22 members. Our application met the funding criteria, and so we received CHF 5,000 in seed capital from the Integration department.

Women from a migration background were included and asked about their wishes and the first meeting with 20 women took place in January 2012.

Over the years we have been meeting regularly on Thursdays. We get to see the "old familiar faces" and many new people, refugees from many countries live in Langnau and the surrounding area. For many there is a need to make contact with Swiss women in the women's association and to meet with refugees from other countries.

A wide variety of topics are addressed, such as health; what do I do with my children during the holidays; our school and education system; a visit to the library, etc. Fitness is also taken care of, we sew, and having loose discussions over tea and cake are also part of socialising.


Here you will find a small gallery showing some of our activities